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Helping small businesses succeed as government contractors is my # 1 goal. Chasing government contracts is what novice do. I'll teach you how to prepare and win like the "Pros"!

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unsolicited proposals

Unsolicited Proposals – The Game Changer Small Business Isn’t Using

Unsolicited proposals are an important part of your government sales and marketing strategy. Well formed unsolicited proposals are game changers. What are unsolicited proposals? Unsolicited proposals are proposals submitted to government agencies or departments by an interested vendor without a

Email Filters

Email Filters – Means not having to Opt Out of SAM

Email filters and System for Award Management (SAM) registration is a powerful combination. SAM registration is required in order to be awarded a government contract. However, the downside of registering in SAM is unsolicited emails. Unsolicited emails are those emails that

Woman Owned Certification

Woman Owned Certification – Self Certify or 3rd Party

Woman Owned Certification for government contracts can be difficult. The woman owned certification process isn’t hard. Documenting the status is the challenge. There are two ways to prove woman owned status. In this episode of The Bid 360 Show I discuss